The screenwriter dives into rom-com literature

LOS ANGELES – August 26, 2022 – Latina novelist and screenwriter Marcela Mariz debuts her new romantic comedy, Let it rain – a coming-of-age story about life, grief and resilience – inspired by a family friend.

let it rain is set in Eaglewood, a quiet fictional small town in Connecticut, home to twenty-six-year-old Mandy Olsen. It transports the reader straight to the 80s: the decade of neon colors, leggings, synth-pop, teen empowerment films and blissful bliss, at least for Mandy. It ends in the mid-90s, the era of unwashed, tangled hair and untucked flannel shirts – the literal representation of the dirty mess that his life has become.

“The inspiration for Mandy came from a family friend,” says Marcela Mariz. “He was the most spirited and cheerful person I know. She had this particular way of dressing and speaking, even her house was decorated as if she was still living in the 1960s. I have always been fascinated by her. But when I grew up, I discovered that she had suffered heartbreaking losses in the 60s, so she preferred to pretend that she was still living the best years of her life. Behind her cheerful smile, she hid a deep sadness.

After enduring devastating trauma, twenty-six-year-old Mandy Olsen also returns to living in a time when she felt loved and cared for – her free-spirited high school days in 1986. But when the deepest secret of Mandy is revealed and becomes a cruel joke between her co-workers, she is forced to re-evaluate her lifestyle and accept the fact that her romanticized lifestyle is in fact just a dead-end escape from reality.

Mandy uses her humor and self-mockery as a coping mechanism for her fears and downfalls. Supported by a cast of unique characters, all facing their own personal challenges, the reader follows Mandy on a journey of self-discovery as she challenges the way we think about life and the lives of those around us, so they are coping with grief. and loss.

“I have seen many friends and family members struggle with mental health. I also struggled with it a few times,” says Marcela Mariz. “let it rain is a story of taking a chance on yourself, in your ability to transform and evolve.

Shaping stories isn’t new to Los Angeles-based Mariz, she’s produced more than 20 plays throughout her colorful live performance career, writing in Portuguese and English. In addition to her many artistic talents, Mariz is a lawyer. However, writing remains her greatest passion and she is constantly developing ideas for new stories to tell. let it rain is her first novel for adults, but fans of Marcela’s writing can expect more in the future!


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