The hailed Hollywood screenwriter tells it all in JD Shapiro

Fringe Management presents I’M WITH STUPID with JD SHAPIRO, August 3-28.

This is the story of how a scrappy kid from the wrong side of the New Jersey tracks came to Los Angeles with nothing but $100 and a dream and ended up working with some of the biggest names in music. Hollywood.

JD Shapiro is an award-winning writer/director. Most of the awards he has won are excellent. A… Not so much.

Stan Lee’s protege and former creative partner, the original screenwriter of Robin Hood: Men in Tights, the man behind the script for Battlefield Earth, Shapiro has a dozen scripts for nearly every major Hollywood studio to his name is one of the most sought-after writers in the industry.

Although he is in demand in almost every genre, it is his ability to write comedies that stands out and attracts the most attention. Mel Brooks called jD, “one of the greatest comedic minds I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

Alongside his career as a screenwriter, jD has performed stand-up comedy all over the United States, and now with the European premiere of I’m With Stupid, he brings the compelling account of his unconventional journey from that childhood in New Jersey to collaborations with Hollywood icons, Mel Brooks, John Travolta Stan Lee and many more. There may even be a story about Sir Sean…but wait! It’s for the show itself.


JD Shapiro

Standing narration

August 3 to 28

9:00 p.m. (60 mins)

Golden Ball Teviot

Billiard room


0131 622 6552


£8.50 – £13

Holiday August 15