The Global Screenwriters Creation Forum was held in Changzhi, where screenwriters unraveled the mystery of the success of the main melody teleplays

MACAO, China, October 10, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recently, as part of the World Film Industry Conference series of events and sponsored by Aollywood Group, the Global Screenwriters Creative Forum was held in Changzhi, China. Shanxi province. During the event, many famous screenwriters Wang Xiaoping, Wang Wanping, Song Fangjin, and Zhou Wei voiced their opinions on “how to impress the audience with major TV melodies”, and unveiled the mystery of the success of major TV melodies such as like Republic Medalin combination with their own creative experience.

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Famous screenwriter Wang Xiaoping has created many excellent films and plays, and also served as the section’s screenwriter Gift from Tu Youyou from the television play Republic Medal. She believes that television plays should not be classified according to the main theme or other conditions, and the scriptwriters of excellent works follow the principle of scriptwriting. Famous screenwriter Wang Wanping said frankly that it is very difficult to create TV plays with a theme like fulfilling an assigned task: first, you have to satisfy the leaders, second, you have to satisfy the audience, and third, you have to satisfy the platform. Song Fangjin, a famous screenwriter, believes that the popularity of mainstream movies and TV plays in recent years is due to genre-based writing techniques, which are deeper and more vivid than before. He shared his experience in creating the Section Yuan Longping’s Dream in Republic Medal.

Zhou Wei, a young screenwriter, shared her creative experience on how to adapt her novel his war in hot drama The ideal city. She thought that after the screenwriter set the theme for his creation, the next creation was like a spider, weaving the web layer by layer and finally weaving it into a big web.

The event was also attended by Wang Haige, Chairman of the Aollywood Film Workers Association, Zhu Ting, Chairman of the World Film Industry Conference Group, Hong Kong, Zheng Xiaolong, Chairman of the Aollywood TV Drama Directors Association, Zhang Guangbei and Gong Hanlin, co-presidents of the Aollywood TV Drama Actors Association; famous actors Li Mingqi, Hou Tianlai, Wang Lei, Tan Zhuo, Zhu Gang Ri Yao, Chen Wei, Jin Zhu, Chen Yicheng, Li Chong; film critic Han Haoyue; Professor Hao Yu from Shanghai University and Professor Yao Rui from Guangzhou University; Macao’s young director Liu Changmei and many other celebrities and stars in the cultural circle of film and television.

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