The Bodyguard Remake screenwriter Matthew Lopez reveals more details about his screenplay


Lopez’s take on “The Bodyguard” will follow a promising artist rather than an established pop star.


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The classic from the early 90s The bodyguard, featuring Whitney houston and Kevin costner, will receive a remake from one of the entertainment industry’s most prestigious playwrights. Matthieu lopez recently sat in an interview with Variety to talk about his historic Tony Award win for Best Game, how Latins (his favorite alternative to “Latinx”) were treated in Hollywood, and, of course, The bodyguard remake.

“I wanted the protagonist to be Latina,” Lopez said, when asked how he approached the project when Warner Bros. approached him about a remake. Surprisingly, they accepted. The story also takes on a different and modern tone from its source. In the original film, the Houston character played a fictional version of his real life: a well-established music star in need of a bodyguard. Lopez’s twist, however, focuses on today’s instant gratification, the world of social media, and how that can literally make someone a celebrity overnight. In Lopez’s words:

Instead of focusing on an established star like the one played by Whitney Houston, this is about a young Latina performer who just rose to fame. This is about how her life has changed because she is an overnight sensation. In the 21st century, that means she is in need of immediate protection. ”

Lopez added that “it was important for me to use this opportunity to show Latin faces on this screen and have their stories told in a big way.”


Image via Warner Bros.

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Lopez is a longtime advocate for Latinos, Latinx issues in the entertainment industry, and the proportionate representation of his people in the movies and TV shows we love. He rightly disputed that The New York Times did not definitively declare that he was the first Latina to win the Tony Award for Best Game. To their credit, they have since corrected the erroneous headline. Above all, Lopez wants Hollywood and the general population to know that “the Latin community represents 19% of the population and that it should not be ignored.” The truer words have never been spoken.

No casting information or release date has been confirmed for The bodyguard remake, so stay tuned to Collider for more on this project as it develops.

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