Sybil Azur named screenwriter for ‘WHY?’ Daryl Sledge will produce | Chicago Reel

Sybil Azur, DA Rhodes, Daryl Sledge

Writer, filmmaker, actress and former professional dancer Sybille Azure was named screenwriter for the film adaptation of WHY?

Film, television and theater producer, originally from Chicago, Daryl Luge will produce.

The arrival of Azur on board signals that WHY? is now in pre-production. Sledge plans to shoot the film on location in Chicago. WHY? is the acclaimed and award-winning debut novel by another Chicago native DA Rhodes.

The story follows the Boxx family who, like many African-American families in the 1940s and 1950s, migrated from the south to the north in search of freedom, better jobs, and increased security. With them came family evil and destruction in the form of child sexual abuse, as experienced by protagonist Ella Boxx. Questions arise as to whether the family can break free from the vicious circle of abuse or whether the suffering will continue to be perpetuated from one generation to the next.

Scriptwriter, Azure said“Although I was hesitant at first to take on this project due to the difficult nature of the subject matter, I was eventually led to adapt WHY?, because I believe the book’s theme of facing your demons is key to disrupting patterns of abuse. I know firsthand that intergenerational trauma must be addressed head-on, or you risk passing on the unconscious pathology that can continue to destroy lives. This project is an opportunity to start a conversation, look the demon in the eye, and start unpacking the trauma once and for all.

Chicago Reel will cover this powerful film throughout production. Watch for our future interviews with the filmmakers and cast.

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