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Over the past two decades, we’ve seen quite a few mature and sensitive films portraying mental illness correctly. These films have often delivered a strong message to those with mental health issues. Now Sunny Ray is making a movie about a mentally disturbed person but he insists that this ‘Bishakto Manush’ movie is by no means an educational film or sends a message to everyone. Instead, her film is about a mentally ill person and their journey.

Sharing more details on the film, the director shared, “The idea for this film developed when we were discussing the effects of mental illness and the things we could do to treat people’s mental illness, but in a dark space. This is by no means an educational film about mental illness. It is the story of a mentally ill person and his journey until his death. This is how Sanjeeb da and I thought of developing it. This is the story of Sanjeeb da. A few real life incidents were added to it and Sanjeeb da Santanu da developed the storyline.

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The plot revolves around Agnibha Bose (Sourav), a struggling and mentally deranged novelist, who tries to deal with her personal trauma. However, when he meets the ultimate therapist of his life and career, a serial killer necrophiliac Taufique Asif (Subham) who is serving a death sentence in prison, it changes his life forever. Will Agnibha be able to release a winning novel after three consecutive failures? What is his relationship with his publisher and partner Rukmini? What are the dark hidden chapters in Taufique’s life? All of this will be answered in ‘Bishakto Manush’.

Judhajit Sarkar

Thriller stars Subham, Saurav Das, Rupsa Chatterjee, Sumana Das, Anangsha Biswas, Jina Tarafder, Judhajit


Sarkar, Sumita Chatterjee, Palash Haque and Bimal Giri in pivotal roles. While Sunny is directing the film, the screenplay was written by Sanjeeb Banerjee and Santanu Mukherjee.


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