Star Wars screenwriter admits he tried to feature more special holiday references


Following the success of Star wars in 1977, all of pop culture wanted to take advantage of the excitement surrounding space opera, which ultimately led to the start of The Star Wars Vacation Special in 1978. The bizarre variety special brought together unexpected musical acts as Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher all seemed to celebrate “Life Day”, only for George Lucas to finally try to erase the special from existence. . Despite the absurdity of the special, it holds a place in the hearts of many fans, including Solo: A Star Wars Story by co-writer Jonathan Kasdan. The writer recently admitted that he tried to get several Holiday special references in the film, but failed.

When a fan shared an image of the Solo personal video output that has confirmed a connection to the Holiday special, Kasdan added, “I have made several versions of this. I like the references to the Holiday special & tried (& failed) to get over. One of the frustrating things to do [Star Wars movie] it’s that you don’t get the full audience preview like the other movies, and you can’t test the jokes the way you want. “

The scene in question was when Han Solo officially introduced himself to Chewbacca, with the Wookiee revealing his full name, only for Han to joke that there was no way he was referring to him by that entire title. , instead giving him the nickname “Chewie.” The film’s script confirmed that Chewbacca’s dialogue included a reference to himself as “Chewbacca, son of Attichitcuk,” Attichitcuk having made his debut in the film. Holiday special.

It is not known why Kasdan was unable to get more referrals to the Holiday special in Solo, although this probably wasn’t entirely a Lucasfilm refusal, which allowed a number of references to a piece of lore that Lucas himself prefers to forget to find his way into other projects. .

Bartender Ackmena, who was played by Bea Arthur in the Holiday special, made a memorable appearance in an official canonical appearance in a Star Wars novel. Earlier this year, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Producer Jon Favreau took to Instagram to reveal a rifle prop from the series, which resembled the weapon Boba Fett used on his animated debut on the special.

As the Star Wars franchise continues to grow and audiences receive new stories, we can probably expect to see more references to the Star Wars Holiday Special, although many of them are probably subtle.

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