Screenwriter Considers Original Red River Movie | Business

The Red River Business Alliance is raising money to buy the rights to a movie script written by screenwriter Karen Schaler, who has written movie scripts for Hallmark, Lifetime and Netflix, as well as several Christmas novels.

Matt Dietz, president of the Red River Business Alliance, said in a letter to the community that he contacted the screenwriter in early 2022 and did a “prospective survey” with the Emmy Award-winning screenwriter, who writes the Netflix. the movie “A Christmas Prince” and “Every Day is Christmas” from Lifetime.

Dietz said in Schaler’s letter that she was “more than an author, she is in fact the human embodiment of Christmas”.

After some back and forth, Dietz said the Schaler made the decision to “consider the possibility of writing an original screenplay” about the town of Red River.

“After many discussions with economic development, the mayor [Linda] Calhoun and our honorable board members, the Red River Business Alliance, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, have made the decision to take responsibility for this project in hopes of bringing it to fruition,” Dietz continued. “We’ve all said it, and I know we truly believe this little mountain town is ‘like a Hallmark movie town.’ Now we have a potential Christmas movie opportunity.

In order to purchase the script, the Red River Business Alliance must raise approximately $65,000. So far, the alliance has raised $19,800 in contributions from 26 local businesses. They plan to sponsor a raffle to help raise more money.

Those interested in donating can contact Matt Dietz at [email protected] Donations are tax deductible.