Rihanna defends cover author after backlash because she was not prepared for the interview: “Girl, you’re a gangster”


Through Corey Atad.

12 Oct 2019 20:11

It turns out Rihanna is tall Vogue the cover story this month was something of a last minute ordeal.

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In the big profile on the singer, writer Abby Aguirre has turned heads with a special part of her story.

“Normally I bring a list of questions, but I didn’t have time to prepare one, which I decide in a split second to confess,” she wrote. “‘I’m flying away, so you have to help me,’ I said nervously. Rihanna displays a smile that is both reassuring and mischievous. “Isn’t that the case?” ” she says.”

The revelation that Aguirre had not prepared questions for an interview with Rihanna did not please a number of people on Twitter.

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Seeing the reaction, Aguirre took to Twitter to explain that Rihanna’s interview had taken place so at the last minute that she really didn’t have time to prepare questions, despite all her research at the advance.

When RIhanna learned of the reaction against Aguirre, she quickly came to the writer’s defense.

“Wait, wait, what?” Rihanna said WWD when asked if she was aware of the review. “No No No No. He’s a gangster. So you’d get a call the night before like, ‘Hey, Rihanna’s in LA, you wanna do that?’ And show up to the play and write an amazing article that I’m in. am really proud and enjoyed reading? She’s badass for that.

RiRi added, “If you don’t have to prepare yourself, girl, you are a gangster.”


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