“PNPL both detached from everyday life”


Sandra Gauci, a teacher who presents an online satirical show, will run in the next general election with ADPD.

Gauci has already appeared in a few press events with ADPD and has confirmed with Lovin Malta that she will be showing up in the sixth and twelfth districts.

Both parties lack vision and are detached from everyday life, ”she said when asked why she decided to participate.

“I want to represent the people whose voices have been sidelined for years now, as they are not seen as posh enough to be seen with but good enough to vote PNPL. “

Hard working people like the family I come from have been left behind and are the ones who have suffered the most and who have paid for the corruption in this country. They paid by losing their jobs, their health or their loved ones. I want to be their voice.

Stand-up actress Gauci hosts ‘ABS News’, a Facebook show in which she pokes fun at Maltese politicians and society.

She found herself in hot water last year after the school she works for ordered her to delete a video in which she criticized working conditions in schools.

After refusing to remove the video, the school sent him a formal warning of its intention to warn him, arguing that his video “ridiculed the teaching profession”. However, she held on and remains a teacher to this day.

Who do you plan to vote for in the next election?

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