Olivia Wilde talks about motherhood and movies with Academy screenwriter


Academy writer Laura Kosann has the ideal mentor to the film industry – “Booksmart” director Olivia Wilde.

Kosann, one of the five winners of the 2021 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition, is also the mother of a newborn baby, Henry.

During their mentor chat, posted on the Oscars YouTube page, mother of two, Wilde discussed a topic close to our hearts, managing a film career while being present for her children – Otis, 7, and Daisy, 5, with ex Jason Sudeikis.

“Anything is possible. But we have to leave space to express our fears,” Wilde said. “I have two children. I will tell you that being a mother makes you a lot more courageous.”

The Academy Museum rolls out the red carpet: Approved by Tom Hanks and no hiding from the story:

Kosann said that being a mother and pursuing her aspiration to be a writer-director “is a challenge of course, and it’s so new by the way. He’s literally 8 weeks old. It’s crazy to think about it. hope I can be introduced with my son, but also do the same. But it’s hard to do that as a mother. And we need to talk about it more. “

Wilde pointed out, “Look at what you did eight weeks ago! You’re a goddess and a superhero. And now you can write whatever you want.”

Kosann said actor-dictor Wilde and his career are “a huge inspiration to me,” saying that when she heard about the talk with the mentor, she jumped “20 feet.”

“Wow, postpartum nothing less!” Wilde joked. “It’s a real achievement.”

Kosann and each fellow will receive $ 35,000 as a Screenwriting Fellowship winners, as well as an Academy Member Mentor, and are expected to complete a new screenplay during their working year.

The Academy will continue to post conversations with scholarship winners and their Hollywood mentors, including Destin Daniel Cretton, Phil Lord, Our Lady J and Rawson Marshall Thurber, during the week of Oscars YouTube page.

A record 8,191 scripts from 89 countries were submitted for this year’s competition. Their scripts were read and judged by the Nicholl Academy scholarship committee, which ultimately voted for five finalists and five winners.

Here are the five Nicholl scholarship winners and their scenarios:

Haley Hope Bartels (Los Angeles, CA), “Pumping Black”

After a desperate cyclist accepts a dangerous offer from a team doctor, he looks set to win the Tour de France. But as the race progresses and his jealous teammates, suspicious authorities and his own paranoia draw closer, he must take increasingly dark steps to protect both his secrets and his lead.

Karin dela Peña Collison (West Hollywood, California), “Coming of Age”

In 1965, in Britain, Charlotte, a studious and protected schoolgirl, landed on a British Farce tour that her mother manages on the stage, where private lessons from members of the company replace her formal schooling, with a surprising success, and she experiences a Lolita flirtation in a morally wobbly environment. the era of Free Love, which leads her and her mother to “come of age”.

Byron Hamel (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), “The grapefruit shade”

When a severely abused white boy befriends his sci-fi obsessed black landlady, his fantasy of becoming a robot allows him to recklessly confront his murderous stepfather.

RJ Daniel Hanna (Los Angeles, CA), “Animal Shelter”

A spirited prison administrator working at the county animal shelter finds purpose in rehabilitating an abused pit bull, but her attempts to rally staff and the wider community for shelter reform put her own freedom at risk.

Laura Kosann (New York, NY), “The Ideal Woman”

Set in the American suburbs during the Cuban Missile Crisis: A 1960s ex-actress and housewife discovers that her house of cards world begins to crumble as she continues to be faced with two identities.


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