NHK: Adult Screenwriter Tatsuya Matsuki Arrested on Suspicion of Indecent Act with a Minor (Update 2) – News


High school student claims Matsuki inappropriately touched her while walking in Tokyo’s Nakano district

NHK reported on Saturday that act-age story maker Tatsuya Matsuki (29) was arrested on suspicion of committing an indecent act with a college girl.

NHK reported that according to police, the girl was walking in the Nakano district of Tokyo on June 18 at 8:00 p.m. when the suspect approached the girl from behind while she was on a bicycle and touched her inappropriately . The suspect subsequently fled by bicycle. The girl went to the police, who analyzed the footage from the security cameras to investigate. Police discovered through security footage that about an hour later, a similar incident on a nearby road with another college girl had occurred, involving a suspect who looked like Matsuki.

According to the police, Matsuki told the police “that there is generally nothing wrong” in their accusations.

Matsuki and artist Shiro Usazaki launched the act-age manga in Weekly Shonen Jump in January 2018, and the manga is in progress.

Media viewing published the first three chapters in English simultaneously with the Japanese version, then began to regularly publish the manga digitally in December 2018. Shueisha‘s MANGA More The website also publishes the manga in English digitally.

The manga was nominated for Kodanshalast year, at the 43rd edition of the Manga Awards, and inspires a play that will premiere in 2022.

Update: Article updated with more details about the incident, as reported by NHK. Source: NHK

Update 2: The editors of Weekly Shonen Jump declared in a post online Saturday that they take reporting on Matsuki seriously. The editors added that once they confirm the facts about the allegations, they will deal with the case appropriately.

Update 3: Clarified that according to police reports, the suspect approached the victim on a bicycle.

Source: NHK Going through Hachima Kiko


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