Hollywood screenwriter calls out Scottish comedian Limmy over two-year-old Invisible Man tweet

A HOLLYWOOD screenwriter has hit out at Scottish comedian Limmy after a tweet from two years ago about his film resurfaced.

A fan reminded Leigh Whannel, who wrote the 2020 thriller The Invisible Man, that the comedian wrote a review of the film on Twitter.


Limmy was called out by Leigh WhannelCredit: Getty
The comic wrote a review for the 2020 thriller


The comic wrote a review for the 2020 thrillerCredit: Alamy
The screenwriter took to social media two years after the criticism


The screenwriter took to social media two years after the criticismCredit: Twitter

The Glasgow comedian, 47, wrote in the 2020 tweet: “Me and @Lynn_McGoo watched The Invisible Man last night.

“I really liked that at first, I liked that it wasn’t just about a literally invisible man, he symbolized this and that.

“But as we went along, we were screaming f*****g against the plot holes.

“Someone cut themselves a vein at some point. Two minutes later, it’s as if nothing had happened.

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“No cuts, no blood, fucking everything. And just tons of other stuff. Why would she do this if she just did that? What happened to the thing? Why… how come “He… AS IF IT WOULD HAPPEN.”

But the Australian screenwriter, 45, shared the review of the hit hit, which has an audience score of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, and called on fans to do the same with the Limmy Show creator’s work.

The Saw and Insidious writer wrote on Wednesday: “A follower of mine just reminded me of the time this guy started criticizing Invisible Man and I was wondering if any of my UK friends could review his work for me. “

And things escalated when the filmmaker ended up calling Limmy, whose real name is Brian Limmond, ac**ksnot.

When asked who Limmy was, the writer replied in a since-deleted tweet: “I don’t know but he started fucking on film and I was like ‘hey there, filmmaker here’ and he got a little sheepish and I was like ‘sorry, I didn’t think you would see this’ and I was like, it’s not the internet, everyone can see it.”

The comedy skit actor reacted, “SAW writer called me ‘c**ksnot’.

But it was hard to turn fans against him, as those who knew Limmy came back with their opinions of his work.

One person replied, “Limmy is a national hero.”

Another said: “I had the pleasure of meeting Limmy at a charity once. He was surprisingly down to earth and VERY funny.”

One user even called it a “legend.”

And a fourth wrote: “He has created many incredible sketches over the years and has established himself as one of the most unusual voices in comedy.

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“There’s a character element because Limmy and Brian Limond are sometimes interchangeable. He’s also done a lot for mental health awareness.”

Responding to a user, the screenwriter joked: “As long as I don’t have to watch a movie with him.”

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