Sri Lankan writer Shehan Karunatilaka burst onto the scene with the 2010 award-winning Chinaman, which centered on cricket in Sri Lankan society. His website describes him as an author of “punchlines, manifestos and calls to action”. Born in Galle in southern Sri Lanka in 1975, Karunatilaka grew up in ColomboRead More →

The New Yorker called Ishmael Reed “a founding father of American multiculturalism” and “America’s most fearless satirist”. A colleague at the University of California, where he taught for 35 years, said he “is probably our most prolific faculty member.” This year, the multilingual poet, editor, novelist, playwright, cartoonist and lyricistRead More →

Kazakhstan police have dropped their investigation into a satirist whose fake Instagram-based news account acted, they said, as a platform to knowingly spread false information. Temirlan Yensebek, the creator of the Almaty-based page Qaznews24, told Mediazona on September 14 that the police had decided that his actions did not constituteRead More →

“I decided that if I could do a collaboration with ‘Sarah’, adding my digital art to the existing photos, I could make special edition prints and gift cards available. Hopefully this would generate interest for her cause and would compensate the money she was asking for,” Dawe said. Hundreds ofRead More →

from it-doesn’t-seem-fair department Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who leads what’s called the “House Republican Big Tech Task Force” has teamed up with Seth Dillon, the CEO of deeply “conservative” wannabe Onion, The Babylon Bee, to whine in the NY Post about ‘how to end big tech’s censorship of free speech.Read More →

Most know Randy Rainbow as the singer, satirist and rose-rimmed bespectacled comedian whose Broadway-themed video parodies have skewered former President Donald Trump and others for the past five years. Those videos, of course, keep coming — other targets have included topics ranging from vaccine distribution to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay”Read More →

In a country where voting is compulsory, it may seem pointless to explore the issue of political participation. All eligible Australian citizens over the age of 18 must register to vote and participate in federal and state elections (and often local elections as well). If political participation is compulsory, whyRead More →

CARACHI: The biography of iconic satirist Kamal Ahmed Rizvi written by his widow has been unveiled at an event organized by Arts Council Pakistan (ACP) Karachi. Ishrat Jahan Rizvi named the book “Khoya huwa Admi” or the lost man. “Very few women get along with a man like Rizvi, I’mRead More →

Zhang Tianyi (张天翼) was a 20th-century Chinese satirist who became editor of a prolific national literary journal. But, as a left-winger and Communist Party member, the public needed to appreciate Zhang’s spirit through underground newspapers. Born in Nanjing on September 26, 1906, Zhang’s ancestors were from Xiangxiang County in theRead More →

what’s new, music and concerts PJ O’Rourke, the prolific author and satirist who refashioned the irreverence and “gonzo” journalism of the 1960s counterculture into a hallmark of conservative and libertarian commentary, has died aged 74. O’Rourke died Tuesday morning, according to Grove Atlantic Inc. Book Publisher and President Morgan Entrekin.Read More →

PJ O’Rourke, the prolific author and satirist who refashioned the irreverence and “gonzo” journalism of the 1960s counterculture into a hallmark of conservative and libertarian commentary, has died aged 74. O’Rourke died Tuesday morning, according to Grove Atlantic Inc. Book Publisher and President Morgan Entrekin. The cause was complications fromRead More →

WASHINGTON- US political satirist PJ O’Rourke, who skewered both Democrats and fellow Republicans in barbed wire, including “Republican Party Reptile”, has died at 74, friends and employers of the organization said on Tuesday. writer. O’Rourke also wrote about his experiences in various countries and conflict zones around the world asRead More →

PJ O’Rourke, the author and political satirist, has died. He was 74 years old. His death was confirmed by his publisher, Grove Atlantic. He said Mr O’Rourke died on Tuesday morning of complications from lung cancer. Mr. O’Rourke, a Republican, wrote about politics, cars, economics and other topics, mixing hisRead More →

PJ O’Rourke, the political satirist, NPR panelist and bestselling author whose early work with National Lampoon included contributions to the influential Lemmings show, died today of lung cancer. He was 74 years old. His death was confirmed by his publisher Grove Atlantic, United Talent Agency and by NPR’s host PeterRead More →

Friday “Mental” – A new play by Alexis Perez, 7 p.m. today through Sunday, Adohi Hall, 187 S. Stadium Drive on the UA campus in Fayetteville. Free, but there will be a food drive at the door. E-mail [email protected] Proof of covid vaccination or negative covid test will be requiredRead More →

The Iraqi political satirist who weaponized the laughter Al-Basheer has become the voice of protesters in the face of brutality by security forces and pro-Iranian militias. (File/AFP) Before 2003, Iraqi citizens could not choose the sources from which they received information, nor the radio programs and television channels they listenedRead More →

[ad_1] British TV host Smug launches a ruthless rant about Australia, saying “brunch and occasional racism” are major exports and the country is a “cultural and physical desert” British TV host and activist said Australia exports ‘brunch and the occasional racism’ Heydon Prowse compared a country to a wasteland thatRead More →

“I do not deny that I seek peace wherever possible”, wrote Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536) at the start of the Protestant Reformation. “I believe in listening to both sides with open ears. I love freedom. I won’t, I can’t serve any faction. No one else spoke that way from the pulpitsRead More →

[ad_1] Popular comedian writer Dr Jas Kohli recently released his latest comedy fiction, “Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana! ‘, A skillfully written comedy with hilarious observations, irony, and an ironic look at the characters’ lifestyles. He has published works that have been one riot of laughter after another, making him one ofRead More →

[ad_1] The popular “Princess Woke Liberal (@workingboxwali)” Twitter account was censored and suspended by the microblogging site for questioning the promotion of Islamist Rana Ayyub in Elle magazine. In an audio clip posted by the Eminent Intellectual (total_woke_) account, the satirist could be heard saying, “Namaste everyone, this is theRead More →

[ad_1] In Nigeria there is an abundance of artists who criticize the political system, but many only use abstract images, few do so in such a confrontational way. Jules Agbaje. Image via Facebook / julius.agbaje.35 Lagos: When in 2019, Nigerian painter Julius Agbaje portrayed President Muhammadu Buhari as the Joker,Read More →

[ad_1] Myanmar’s most popular comedian and satirist has been arrested as authorities continue to crack down on people they say are inciting protests against the February military coup. Maung Thura, whose stage name is Zarganar, was taken from his home in Yangon by police, according to fellow comedian NgaPyaw Kyaw.Read More →

[ad_1] “From the moment I saw him,” said Hendra, “I knew he was amazing.” Lemmings was adoringly examined in New York City, and then toured the United States. Belushi was not a moderating influence. Hendra, 3,500 miles from Quarr Abbey, neglected his Bible for more secular pastimes, including cocaine, infidelity,Read More →

[ad_1] lifestyle, books, Carl Hiaasen, squeeze me, detective story, book review In 2017, Salman Rushdie said of the election of Donald Trump, while “it’s very bad for America (it’s very good for the novel”). Squeeze Me by bestselling author Carl Hiassen features a barely disguised Donald Trump, referred to hereRead More →