Canberra screenwriter’s film will air on Channel Nine

More exciting news for Canberra-based screenwriter Shamini Singhal, as her film Get a life, okay was licensed to broadcast giant Channel Nine.

Singhal co-wrote the musical comedy drama with Joy Hopwood, which tells a story of jealousy, love, betrayal and female relationships against the backdrop of a music video show. The feature film has already enjoyed success since its debut less than three months ago, winning Best Dramatic Feature at the Hong Kong International Film Festival and extended theater screenings, including a week-long season here in the capital at Dendy.

Singhal felt a deep connection to the film, having emigrated from India and worked in the media industry herself, she knew she could bring an authentic northern Indian perspective.

“I’m glad to have collaborated with Joy because she understands that authentic representations are at the heart of meaningful diversity on screen.”

Writer and director Hopwood hopes the film’s success will help increase demand for more diverse stories to be told by the film industry.

While we don’t yet know the exact release date for the film, it should be sometime later in the year.

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