Black Widow Screenwriter Confirms Next MCU Movie

Few fans were too eager to learn that one of the writers of Black Widow, Eric Pearson is reportedly directing the script for one of Marvel Studios’ upcoming projects. The concerns mostly stem from how fan-favorite mercenary Taskmaster was adapted during the move to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, taking a look at Pearson’s writing career outside of Black Widow, fans shouldn’t worry too much about the hiring choice.

Pearson has been with Marvel Studios since almost the beginning, enrolling in the studios screenwriting program in 2010 and acting as a script doctor for the MCU ever since. While at the studio, he wrote three of Marvel Studios’ original One-Shot shorts: The consultant, A funny thing happened on the way to Thor’s hammerand Item 47.

After writing three episodes of the television show Agent Carter and acting as editor of several other episodes, Pearson helped rewrite the script for The ant Man. Pearson also did a rewrite of page 1 of Thor: Ragnaroksucceeding screenwriting duo Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost.

He would then be an uncredited writer for several other films, such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity Warand Avengers: Endgame. Finally, a bit like Ragnarokhe ended up rewriting the screenplay of Black Widow.

Now, Pearson has confirmed his next Marvel Studios venture, which will be a breakthrough project in the typically hero-focused MCU.

Black Widow Writer Stays On The Marvel Train


On Instagram, writer Eric Pearson confirmed his involvement in the villainous team-up film, Love at first sight. Pearson commented on an image from an article reporting the news, “I guess we can finally talk about it!” »

Eric Pearson Thunderbolts Instagram Confirmation

Fans have been expecting Marvel Studios to announce a project based on the supervillain team, Thunderbolts, since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Audiences were introduced to Fontaine’s Valentina Allegra in this series as she recruited John Walker, but she was also shown hooking up with Yelena Belova in the post-credits scene of Black Widow.

Finally, fans are vindicated thanks to this recent report that a Love at first sight the film is currently in development under the direction of Jake Schreier. However, beyond that, not much else is known about the film, there is only speculation as to the identities of its members.

Love at first sight will be the first time that Eric Pearson will write a screenplay from the beginning, based on the pitch proposed by its director, Schreier. So for now, fans shouldn’t worry too much about his involvement.