Advantage of confinement: Anmol, screenwriter, the son of director Raju Verma trains to play and write at home | Punjabi movie news


Anmol, the son of screenwriter and screenwriter Raju Verma, who is ready to carry on the legacy of his talented father and is ready to enter the world of cinema, is taking creative classes at home these days. Anmol, 12, who has worked as a child artist in various Punjabi films, learns finer nuances of acting and writing under the guidance of his “strict” father, who does not want him to depend on him for any work. in industry. Raju has already started to write a screenplay for his son’s first draft. Anmol was last seen in Harry Bhatti’s Aate Di Chidi. Although the pressure to do well has been placed on him, the talented child follows what his heart and father say. Raju, a prolific writer, has been active in the industry for over 15 years. He told us that since becoming a writer he understands the importance of communication. “He’s a creative person and he also helps me write. But acting is his area of ​​interest.”

We hear that Anmol’s field training started a long time ago, but the coronavirus period has given him more time to spend with his father. He uses his free time working hard to hone his skills. Creativity is what Anmol imbibed from his father, but he learned to play on his own. Raju says, “I told him mehnat is the only thing that can get him high. I told him he has to do things himself because I won’t ask directors or producers to cast him.”


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