A short story writer writes the saga of life


Arts Council Pakistan (ACP) Karachi led a session with renowned novelist, critic and short story writer Aamer Hussein, on his latest book “Restless: Instead of an Autobiography”.

Speaking about his book, the author Aamer Hussain said that the first part of my book is devoted to my life and my moral sequences and that happens at the age of about 20 and I started reading the Urdu which I didn’t know perfectly, then it goes to my late 50s and then to memory which is probably my favorite part of the book. the book dates back to when I was 32 and covers my life until I was 60.

Aamer Hussain said: “I have half the family in India and half in Pakistan but the two places I love are Italy and Java. I have been to many countries but spiritually I never felt connected to nowhere but I really love Italy and Java and they are part of my history. ”

He said: “People think I’m a critic but I’m not, I love to read but I don’t have a critical eye, criticism is a different thing.”

In response to a question, Hussein said that the short story is different from the novel, a short story can sum up a moment in 10 pages and a page of about 100 years, it varies from person to person and their process of making. thought.

Concluding the session, the literal Fatima Hassan thanked the participants on behalf of Arts Council Chairman Mohammad Ahmed Shah and said that she had purchased 50 copies of Hussein’s book “Restless”.

She said that page 88 of this book mentions her association with the Arts Council.

On occasion, Shama Askari read an excerpt from the book, and the session was moderated by Fatima Aijaz. On occasion, Shama Askari read an excerpt from Aamer Hussain’s book.

Posted in The Express Tribune, October 22sd, 2021.


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