provided Kathryn Burnett’s latest play, The Campervan, will have an all-star cast from New Zealand. Kathryn Burnett won Best Dramatic Screenplay at the NZTV Awards, for her co-writing of the TV movie The Tender Trap (TVNZ On Demand). Kathryn is an award-winning professional screenwriter, playwright, speaker and writing mentor/coach. HisRead More →

As individuals, we suffer from many disorders and other health problems that are never completely solved by conventional medicine. Many alternative therapies and treatments have been used to fill in the gaps that modern medicine cannot yet explain or cure. Some common alternatives to scientific medicine are acupuncture, homeopathy, reflexology,Read More →

After making waves in India, filmmaker SS Rajamouli’s recent hit “RRR” is receiving praise from American comic book writer Jackson Lanzing and screenwriter Larry Karaszewski. Released in March, “RRR” garnered a thunderous response at the box office with widespread praise for Rajamouli’s fantastic vision and great editing of a storyRead More →

Most know Randy Rainbow as the singer, satirist and rose-rimmed bespectacled comedian whose Broadway-themed video parodies have skewered former President Donald Trump and others for the past five years. Those videos, of course, keep coming — other targets have included topics ranging from vaccine distribution to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay”Read More →

Owning and driving a tractor-trailer can be an expensive business. Beyond the money needed to buy the truck itself, there are also repairs, which can be very expensive. If you run a trucking business, repair costs can add up quickly. Fortunately, there are several financing options for tractor-trailer owners whoRead More →

Photos courtesy of Walter Pearce. “The novelist: a novel is the first novel by Jordan Castro. This nine-word opening sentence—self-aware, direct, and containing the word novel three times—seems like the fitting introduction to a conversation about this self-fiction book about self-fiction. Castro, influenced by Nicholson Baker The Mezzanine and ThomasRead More →

Australian author John Hughes has apologized for unintentionally plagiarizing parts of a Nobel laureate’s work after a Guardian Australia investigation found multiple similarities and identical instances in his new novel, The Dogs, which has been nominated for Australia’s most prestigious literary award. Nearly 60 similarities and identical phrases were foundRead More →

If you’re a business owner in the restaurant industry, you understand the importance of keeping your restaurant up to date to be successful. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant, establishing a new location, or renovating an existing restaurant, a restaurant improvement loan and other financing options can help. Some financingRead More →

The heirs of the original author of a magazine article that inspired the 1986 film ‘Top Gun’ have sued Paramount Pictures, claiming the studio deliberately ignored a copyright claim filed in 2018 – before making the high-flying sequel starring Tom Cruise. Ehud Yonay wrote an article titled “Top Guns” forRead More →

Barbadian George Lamming talks about his world famous novel, iIn The Castle of My Skin.’ Screenshot taken from a YouTube video Posted by NCF Barbados. Renowned Barbadian novelist George Lamming passed away on Saturday, June 4, at the age of 94. He will be granted official funeral on his nativeRead More →

⚡ Welcome to The weekly authoritythe Android Authority newsletter that breaks down the top Android and tech news of the week. 197th edition here, with this Pixel 7 prototype, Galaxy foldable specs, Final Fantasy 16 updates, and some good news for coffee drinkers. 🎉This week marked the Queen’s Platinum JubileeRead More →

In a country where voting is compulsory, it may seem pointless to explore the issue of political participation. All eligible Australian citizens over the age of 18 must register to vote and participate in federal and state elections (and often local elections as well). If political participation is compulsory, whyRead More →

Jordan CastroNovelist (Soft Skull, 2022) For any computer user, the opening phrase of Jordan Castro’s compact, brilliant and very funny first novel Novelist is decidedly accurate and not a little weird: “I opened my laptop, still waiting for my morning tea to steep, and tried to type in my passwordRead More →